Performance Counseling



Most coaches and athletes acknowledge that at least 40% – 90% of success in sports is due to mental factors. There are many psychological barriers that can affect performance. When performance is impaired, significant consequences can occur such as loss of confidence and motivation, decrease in self-esteem, and overall enjoyment of sport. Overcoming roadblocks for athletes is often necessary in order to reach one’s goals.


African American sprinter crossing the finish line and breaking the tap. Horizontally framed shot.

Counseling to address psychological barriers and enhance mental skills can assist you regardless of age and competitive/participation levels in reaching your potential and maximizing abilities.

Why Performance Counseling?


Individual performance counseling can evaluate current mental skills and allow for development and implementation of an individual training program to aid in improving specific mental skills. Performance counseling can target the following areas:

– Mindfulness approaches to performance enhancement

– Motivation

– Goal setting imagery

– Self talk


– Relaxation management

– Anxiety management

– Stress management